In 2016 a group of enthusiastic curlers and supporters got together with the idea of bringing curling to extreme Northwestern Pennsylvania.  It seemed like a natural fit with our long winters, clubs in surrounding cities like Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh; as well as lots of fun loving people looking for friendships and activity.  


The group included curlers that had been traveling to a club in Cleveland, several supporters from Allegheny College that had spent part of their academic careers in Minnesota and New York where curling clubs had been a part of the culture.  After several initial meetings, the feedback from community and business leaders was very positive about the idea.


The name "French Creek Curling Club" was chosen, as French Creek with it's own long and import history is a significant geographic feature as it flows through parts Erie, Crawford, Venago and Mercer Counties. 

In September of 2016 French Creek Curling Club became a member of the Grand National Curling Club.  We would like to thank Pittsburgh and Buffalo Curling Clubs for their support, as well as the Meadville Area Recreation Center in Meadville and the Flo Fabrizio Ice Center in Erie.